Freelance webdesigner, Montpellier

About me

Since I was very young, I dedicated myself to everything related to computers, graphics and animations. Coming from the South of France ( Hérault), I like : walking in the streets of the town centre of Montpellier (Écusson), the MHB handball club, shopping at the Polygone, the beach and the sea of Palavas-les-flots.

After studying marketing and web development, I wanted to test my skills on various personal blogs and websites. I am now working full time as a freelancer with passion. As an independent, I launched many websites projects for my clients, and the validation phases have no secrets for me! At the beginning of the mission, I will request a meeting with you. This interview will allow me to define with you the specifications of the project that best meet your expectations.

I do great things for my clients

Website creation

We start from the bottom up. You don't have a website? Then it's time to start your online communication. No matter if it's a simple HTML page or a website developed with a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla! I take care of the technical set-up of your communication tool. Website architecture, the setting up of the tools, hosting, everything is ready. Secondly, I will develop the graphical identity and the wire frames that will help you visualise your future website.
My tools: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, InVision, Balsamiq.

Web Design

Next is the graphic part, also called web design. The objective: develop the structure of your website by adopting a graphic charter that perfectly matches the message you wish to spread. We call it the visual identity of your company. It can be translated by: a logo, typography, dominating colours (the famous CSS stylesheets), pictures and icons, jQuery animations, etc...
Obviously, your customers use smartphones to browse web pages, which is why we work with a responsive web design. Whatever you want to collect leads, or sell online (ecommerce), the choice of navigation elements and ergonomics will be important parts of the success for the project. This is called user experience (UX).
My tools: Sublime Text 3, Filezilla, Firebug.

Making your content visible

Many websites have a lot of web pages. But the question you have to ask yourself is: are my pages relevant to the user?
Are you well referenced? Are you properly exploiting the traffic that search engines can bring you? This can be a difficult exercise, especially when you are focused on your daily work. That's why I'm here!

Contact me for a mission

Latest projects

Some recent references in my portfolio coming from my personal creations or collaborations. I work directly with the client as well as for web agencies.

Contact me

Let's talk about your website creation or SEO project by email and I'll formulate a proposal. Or let's talk together at Place Jean Jaurès, Bassin Jacques Coeur or Place de la Comédie around a coffee ☕ . For information, my price is 500€ per day.